About Us

P2P-LaTashaLaTasha Renée of Push Ups 2 Pin Ups has been involved with health and fitness for 19 years.

“I spent 13 of those years changing people’s lives with nutrition guidance and fitness programs, and was a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach for people in places such as Hawaii, Hollywood, Long Beach, New Jersey, varies places throughout Northern California — even Cairo, Egypt!“

Working for Gold’s Gym corporate, and her enthusiasm for helping others with their health and fitness needs, took her far from her hometown of Walnut Creek, CA, but she is excited to bring her experience and passion for overall well being back to the East Bay. After years of working in the corporate gym environment, LaTasha decided she wanted to get even more personal and began Push Ups 2 Pin Ups.

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach, LaTasha is dedicated to serving her clients through encouragement, guidance and instruction; helping them to lose weight, lose inches and find themselves.

Push Ups 2 Pin Ups was created to help her clients experience a weight loss transformation in a FUN filled environment!! The studio allows them to feel good about taking time for themselves, build more confidence, become inspired, get encouraged, find camaraderie — all while gaining support on their journeys.

P2P-Ginnie“I believe there is beautiful strength and grace in all things that matter.”

“Push Ups 2 Pin Ups is brought to you out of a strong desire to make a difference for our clients who want to change their lives, own their power, own their choices, and transform their bodies and their experiences.”

“My motivation behind partnering with LaTasha to bring Push Ups 2 Pin Ups to life is because it is made of all of those values. Our approach to getting the desired results is through high intensity circuit training coupled with nutritional accountability and a whole lot of fun!”