Foods For Building Muscle Quickly And Efficiently

Building the body of your dream is down to two main things: diet and exercise. In order to build muscle, your exercise regime is perhaps the most important, but you won’t actually see massive results unless you get the diet part right as well. The nutrients you feed your body are there to enable your muscles to grow, which demonstrates how important they actually are. Most of the time, you will hear that you need to focus on carbs, protein and good fats, but which actual foods are good for building muscle?

1 – Whole Eggs

Whole eggs, organic ones, are absolutely perfect for building muscle.

“The yolk contains most nutrients: half the protein, vitamins A/D/E and cholesterol to naturally increase your testosterone levels.”

There has been a lot of scaremongering about the link between eggs and cholesterol. Although eggs do indeed contain a lot of cholesterol, it is dietary cholesterol, which is very different from blood cholesterol. Indeed, scientists have agreed that there is no such thing as too many eggs in terms of your cholesterol, so feel free to have some every day.

2 – Fish

Fish is one of the best muscle-building foods out there. Although you do have a choice of fish, the very best one out there has to be salmon.

“Not only is salmon a protein powerhouse yielding around 25 grams of protein per 100 gram serving, but it’s also packed with so many other healthy nutrients that you’d be a fool to avoid it.”

It is full of healthy fats, as well as omega 3 and 6, both needed for a balanced, healthy body. Additionally, it contains vitamin D, something that most of us have developed a deficiency in. If you really don’t like salmon, tuna is another example of really good fish. You do, however, have to make sure that you watch out for heavy metal poisoning, which can happen if you eat too much fish. This is due to the fact that our oceans have been poisoned over time, and certain fishes carry high levels of various chemicals, including mercury. This is why it is important that you understand the origin of your fish, before you decide to eat it every day of the week.

3 – Almonds

Almonds are full of vitamin E, which is a very strong antioxidant. As such, it helps your body repair free radical damage, which in turn means that your body is more able to concentrate on building muscle, rather than regenerating itself. You should eat two handfuls of almonds every day (unsalted), in order to get all the benefits without actually putting on weight. Additionally, almonds are brain food.

“A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that those men who consumed the most vitamin E-from food sources, not supplements-had a 67 percent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease than those eating the least vitamin E.”

Add to that the fact that a handful or two of almonds is a lot nicer than taking a vitamin E capsule, and you will soon see why it is such a great food for muscle building.

4 – Black Beans

Black beans are often overlooked by the health and fitness world, which is a shame, because they are fantastic muscle builders. Black beans are really the ultimate muscle building food once you understand what they contain.

“This particular bean is rich in vitamins B, K, C and A and low in saturated fats. Along with its high protein and fiber content, this bean has 15 grams of fiber and protein per cup. Black beans provide a caloric dense carbohydrate perfect for muscle building.”

It really contains everything that you need in order to build muscle, but also in order to sustain yourself during a workout. It has slow release carbohydrates, which means your body will be sustained all day long, avoiding sugar cravings and other hunger pangs at various times during the day. Additionally, beans are incredibly good for your overall digestive system, allowing you to get rid of toxins.

5 – Tea

When you tell people tea helps with muscle building, they will probably laugh at you. However, recent research has demonstrated that you should actually drink plenty of tea if you want to build muscle.

“Tea’s healthy compounds, called “polyphenols,” reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, preventing this breakdown, and even improving muscular strength and bone mass.”

Tea seems to make people stronger, as well as increasing their endurance. This means you will be able to get much more out of your workout.

How To Eat Right To Build Muscle

Building muscle is, for a great deal, all about your workout program. You have to make sure that you do the right amount of workouts, for the right length of time and with the right resistance. However, you cannot forget the importance of your diet as well. You have to eat the right foods, in the right amount and at the right time in order to really build those muscles. There are four things to think about. These are your carbohydrates, your protein, your fats and your water. Water is essential to keep your body hydrated and to enable it to absorb your nutrients, as well as sustain your body during a heavy workout.

Understanding Carbohydrates

First of all, you need carbohydrates to give you the energy you need in order to actually sustain yourself during a workout.

“Carbohydrate is the predominant energy source during a strength training workout. Stored as glycogen in the muscles, it is the fuel used to supply energy for short, intense bursts of power. The harder and longer you work out, the more glycogen your muscles require.”

As such, you have to determine just how many carbohydrates you need in order to sustain yourself during the workout. This can be a complicated calculation and one that is often hit and miss. This is also due to the fact that as you become stronger, your needs will change, meaning you need to adapt your carbohydrate intake as you go along.

Understanding Protein

Protein is truly the foundation of building muscle. Where carbohydrate gives you the energy, protein actually gives you the materials. The two cannot do without each other (compare it to construction materials and a construction crew, only when the two are present is it possible to build a home). Protein is full of amino acids, and these are what build your muscle.

“Protein digestion depends on a number of factors including the protein source, how the protein source was prepared, whether or not you are on any drugs that affect the GI tract, and probably a host of other factors.”

So, once again, understanding which proteins you need and when is something that you will have to work out for yourself. Do, however, always choose lean protein because you don’t want to build fat. Unfortunately, it is often a real balancing act.

Understanding Fat

Fat is also absolutely essential in the body, whether you are a bodybuilder or not. However, you do have to make sure that you get the right kind of fat. The fat you should be looking for is unsaturated.

“Unsaturated fats, especially olive oil, are essential. They help all kinds of functions in the body that affect growth. Plus, they’re a dense source of calories, which is an important factor in adding weight.”

Good sources of unsaturated fat can also be found in fish. Additionally, fish contains a lot of protein, which you need as well. Getting the fat balance right, however, is probably the hardest thing of all, since too much means your work will become undone.

All About Hybrid Density Training

Every week, it seems as if there is a new type of training out there that is bigger and better than anything we have ever seen before. However, are any of these training types really new, or are they just variations on an existing formula? It seems the latter is true and that all the exercise programs that supposedly work are based on High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIT or HIIT.

What Is HIT?

High Intensity Training is a type of training whereby periods of high intensity are combined with periods of rest. The periods are in a ratio of 3:2:1. A good example is running, jogging and walking. Within a HIT program, you would do three minutes of walking, two minutes of jogging and one minute of sprinting, after which you go back to the three minutes of walking again.

Hybrid Density Training (HDT)

The latest development with HIT is hybrid density training.

“Taking the density training approach to the next level, I like to add a 3rd exercise, a 20-second all out sprint. In essence, it’s HIT + HIPT = super high-intensity interval training or SHIT for short (see what I did there??). All jokes aside, the sprint can be performed on a treadmill, spin bike, air dyne bike, prowler, rower or versa climber.”

Essentially, it is the exact same type of training, with an added element of even further intensity. This type of training is supposed to be able to achieve the impossible: burn fat and build muscle at the same time. This is because it combines both strength and cardio, which, if combined with the right nutrition, makes it possible to do both at the same time.

There are a number of different ways to turn your HIT training into HDT. The first method is to keep your workload static but reduce the duration of your workout.

“If you’re going to do 10 sets of 10 reps for squats, you’re doing 100 total reps. For the sake of argument, let’s say you perform this workout in 40 minutes. If I tell you that you must complete that workout in 30 minutes, then that will call for a drastic increase in training density since I’m asking you to complete an identical amount of work in 25% less time.”

This is incredibly hard work and you will suffer. A second option, therefore, is to increase your workload, but keep your duration static. This is also a whole lot of hard work, because you will have to push yourself to do the same workout, but with heavier weights or higher intensity. You will certainly feel it the next day! However, some are now suggesting that the best way to actually implement HDT in your workout is to combine the two. Spend half of your workout doing the same in less time, and the second half of your workout doing the same, but with heavier weights or resistance. This way, you will have the best of both worlds, but be ready to suffer a lot.

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